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Interview of the Hypromat Group for the blue elephant brand

Solen Eckle
Group Marketing Manager

Director of Operations and Technological Development

Project: Implementation of a contactless banking payment solution

The Hypromat Group, with Eléphant Bleu, is n ° 1 and co-leader in France and Switzerland in vehicle washing brands with more than 520 centers. They have a total of more than 2,500 high-pressure tracks and 300 automatic gantries. Eléphant Bleu is positioned as the car wash brand closest to its customers, at a very high level of quality, availability and environmental protection through a full range of easy-to-use services accessible to all. 
Hypromat selected Interway as part of the call for tenders launched in 2019 for the design, creation, development, deployment and maintenance in operational condition of a contactless bank card payment method on its high-pressure washing and its vacuum cleaners.

What was your initial project?

Solen Eckle : The Elephant Bleu stations have all the usual means of payment (cash, bank card, contactless bank card) and specific to the brand (tokens, washing key, Pro Card) on their payment terminals.

As part of its customer journey optimization program, the Hypromat group wanted to develop an alternative allowing access to the washing service without going through the payment terminal. The idea thus germinated to study contactless banking payment solutions for the use of high-pressure tracks and vacuum cleaners.

We were looking for a partner capable of offering us a turnkey solution and supporting us at all stages of implementation.

Why this technological choice? 

Raphael Bostsarron : Speed, practicality, safety, simplicity, are the characteristics of our washing concept. Contactless payment, which brings these same benefits, fits perfectly into our service logic.

We are also responding to a strong consumer demand for this method of payment, which has been growing steadily in recent years and which has become widespread with health protocols.

The criteria of our call for tenders, including durability, were difficult to achieve, particularly on high-pressure tracks. With frequent projections of water and soap and sometimes extreme outside temperatures, the environment of the terminals requires a reliable and robust device.

We have adopted Interway's proposal, which is based on Ingenico's solution. It perfectly met our needs and the imperative for the Hypromat group to deploy a unified technical solution across its network.

Why the choice of Interway?

Solen Eckle  : Beyond the technical solution chosen, we were looking for a partner who understood our jobs as washing specialists, franchisors and their economic challenges. They were able to take the measure to design, administer and optimize the operation of our contactless banking payment solution in an adapted and personalized way.
the Interway group, technically and commercially certified Ingenico, offered us a reliable, secure and turnkey solution to integrate the contactless banking payment at our washing stations.
Listening to and advising the Interway Group, its ability to design several hardware integrations, have made it possible to perfectly adapt the contactless banking terminal to the design of our current boxes. He also supported us in the software integration of the payment terminal and our electronic card.
The expertise, the technological mastery of the Interway Group and its business approach are the great assets of our partnership which have carried out a strategic project.

A word from Eric Jotti
Managing Director Interway Group

The Interway Group provides companies with innovative digital technological solutions, supported by a global service offering.
Obtaining the REMPARTS certification validated Interway's expertise and the control of electronic payment processes from which we provide our customers and prospects in their current and future projects.

For many years, we have been supporting major retail customers, who are particularly demanding when it comes to electronic payment.
We were able to offer Hypromat a personalized solution by adapting to the constraints of design and software and electronic architecture.
In addition, Hypromat benefits from our expertise in the field of maintenance, installation, support and maintenance in operational condition for its washing centers equipped with our turnkey solution.
We would like to thank Hypromat for the confidence granted and for the quality of the exchanges during all the stages of this large-scale project.

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