Interway has been operating thousands of intelligent hybrid IPSEC links for years and integrates advanced features into its WAN solutions. Load balancing, QoS, multi-link backup, centralized operation, configuration templates, local escape… are added value services integrated into IPSEC Interway solutions.

With the same philosophy and to support decentralization to the cloud or to users' partners, Interway is enriching its offer with its SD-WAN solutions:

  • Aggregation of multi-link / multi-technology flows, including general public type
  • Mechanisms for dynamic prioritization of flows
  • Load balancing of all types of links
  • Quality of Services
  • Traffic Direction by Application
  • Centralized and transparent operation

+ Fast: combine the best possible links and determine your priority uses
+ Secure: end-to-end encryption on all links
+ Simple: central and transparent administration
+ Flexible: rapid deployment of new sites and new services

SD-WAN: An independent and thoughtful implementation

SD-WAN is not a standard, but a concept! Each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses linked to its history and its own vision. Interway has selected several manufacturers and publishers:

  • Based on laboratory benchmarking and continuous monitoring
  • To meet needs with an adapted and personalized solution
  • With direct access to advanced support from our partners
  • In a process of continuous improvement with our partners

Convergence of WAN and LAN: SD-Branch

Interway combines its LAN and WiFi expertise with WAN to offer a unified global solution, personalized according to customer needs, and managed centrally.

Via our unified WAN and LAN offer, manage the security and interconnection of your sites globally, and accelerate the deployment of new sites and new services. End-to-end management, from the internet link to the connection of your equipment and users, via Ethernet or Wireless.

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